About Us

General Distributors Inc. works on the conviction that team members are core assets of the company and will be the source of our competitive advantage.

The accomplishment of our goals and objectives can only be realized through the innovation and creativity of our team in delivering and marketing our goods and services in a manner which sets the company apart from its competitors.  We actively seek out innovative products which can improve the quality of life of consumers.

All of this would not be possible without the creation of strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. This we can achieve through the delivery of customer service excellence and is the motivating factor which drives all strategic decisions and permeates all levels of the organization in its daily operations.

We strive for excellence in all that we do.  In our quest for excellence, we find hidden strengths and capabilities in our team members which are leveraged to accomplish our objectives.

We are a Christian company and seek to be guided by Christian principles throughout our company.



To be a leading distributor of fast-moving consumer goods in the Caribbean.


To be a trusted distributor of fast-moving consumer goods, working in partnership with all stakeholders to offer choice and value.


General Distributors Inc. is a family owned company which specializes in the distribution of FMCG products.

Our organization was established in 1984 with distribution covering the entire island. Our distribution coverage includes supermarkets, pharmacies, mini-marts, auto-marts, schools and small shops. We also distribute hygiene products to institutions and businesses.

General Distributors Inc. represents a number of international companies on an exclusive basis. We import products for distribution in Barbados from companies in countries such as Turkey, Trinidad, Spain, Columbia, Chile, Ecuador, Thailand, Poland, South Korea and the USA.

Our Company was built upon the hard work and dedication of our team and with their continued commitment we will grow from strength to strength.

Core Principals


We are committed to providing the highest standard service and operations.


Our company is innovative, open to changing with the market in an effort to maintain the highest standards and impact.


We highly value our clients and stakeholders and pledge to always operate with the utmost integrity.


Our company is built on variety, strength and growth, through diversity.


We hold consistency as the key to success.