General Distributors Rebranding!


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A bold approach to rebranding can make all the difference – like we believe it will do for a new era of General Distributors Inc.

We believe that the ways of the world of business have changed forever and there is not going to be any re-emergence of the ‘good old days’; this means that the way we did business yesterday has to change as well.  With this in mind General Distributors Inc. is poised to begin a new era of distributorship and proposes to successfully execute this revival with a renewed, detail-focused approach from management and with each employee taking personal responsibility for adapting to change.

We have changed our logo design, incorporating the fresh, energetic green with bold, corporate black, and humble grey accents.  We now have a presence online with our new website,  Make sure to scan our QR code using your Smartphone for quick and easy access to information about our company, our brands, our business-to-business relationships, and the part we play in supporting the wider community.

General Distributors Inc. is on a mission to be a trusted distributor, working in partnership with all stakeholders to offer choice and value.  With this charge, we strive to be the distributor our customers and suppliers can rely on.

Our old Logo Can be seen below:

General Distributors old Logo

How do you like our new look?

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