GDI giving back to the community

At General Distributors Inc., corporate social responsibility is a guiding principle upon which the company has been built as it recognises the importance of giving back to the community. General Distributors Inc. supports numerous charities, non-profit organisations, and schools across the island.


General Distributors Inc. continuously supports numerous educational institutions with donations of our products and/or promotional items to assist in school graduation ceremonies, sports days, annual fairs, lucky dips, car boot sales and flea markets.

Other Charities

General Distributors Inc. assists the below list of charitable organisations and Government Institutions to help provide a better quality of life for those in need:

  1.  The Barbados Cancer Society
  2.  HIV/Aids Food Bank
  3. Barbados Geriatric Hospital
  4. The Barbados Vagrants & Homeless Society
  5. Gordon Cummins Hospital
  6. St. Phillip District Hospital
  7. Cancer Support Services
  8. St. George Action Committee
  9. St. Barnabas Senior Citizens’ Day Care Centre
  10. Save The Nation Foundation
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