Why work at GDI

At GDI, our dynamic culture built on the hard work and dedication, respect, and humility of our staff, combined with our variety of brands and wide spread operations make us the place to be to make a difference and have a tangible impact regardless of your role. At GDI, we work together and treat each other as a family, with love, respect and dignity.

GDI recognises the needs of individuals and helps them get the most from their careers and personal lives, which ultimately leads to employees who fulfill their own purpose in life. GDI is a testament to the rewards of hard work, commitment and self empowerment of the individual. Today these traits are fostered in all employees with the company’s strategic commitment to training of all staff members to facilitate their professional and personal development. The organisation works on the conviction that staff members are the core assets of the company and will be the source of competitive advantage.

Through our innovative working practices, we’re setting new standards, ones that aim to ensure that all our employees enjoy a happy and productive work/life balance at every stage of their career. The accomplishment of our goals and objectives can only be realised through the innovation and creativity of our staff in delivering and marketing our goods and services in a manner which sets the company apart from its competitors. We actively seek out new products which can improve the quality of life of all consumers.

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