What we look for

GDI has identified several desirable attributes which it seeks in all potential candidates

  • GDI-Pillars-Honesty

  • GDI-Pillars-Committal

  • GDI-Pillars-Drive

  • GDI-Pillars-Consistency


These 4 pillars are the foundation of our corporate attitude.


Is a necessary precondition, one of the stones necessary for balanced success. Honesty, integrity, faith, love and loyalty; these are positive contents of character.


Relates to the candidates ability to be fully engaged in the total pursuit of the job function. Are you willing to go the extra mile, to do whatever it takes in terms of effort and enthusiasm to get the job done, on time, every time, to the requisite standard? How about organisational loyalty and an effectively portraying a positive image to all stakeholders?


It is not just the academic ability to fulfil the requirements of the job, as important as that may be; but attitude, aptitude and appetite are almost more important. Without these 3 A’s, candidates will not succeed albeit their academic achievement and/or practical experience.

Team mindedness

Candidates must be team players who possess the ability to build supportive sustainable relationships on the basis of goodwill, humility and mutual respect.
Professionalism – take responsibility for your development. Strive for excellence. Develop in mature characteristics. Be:

  • Diligent
  • Industrious
  • Energetic
  • Hard Working
  • Methodical
  • Thoughtful
  • Reliable

Consistently perform in a manner which sets you and the organisation higher and higher.